Open Urban Design Competition for Model Streetscape of Arterial Mirpur Road Streetscape

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) in association with Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) has organized an open Urban Design Competition to seek for innovative and responsive urban design interventions towards achieving a sustainable, lively, accessible, user friendly and integrated urban streetscape that would be an executable model for urban streets for the segment from Dhanmondi Road No 27(old) to Nilkhet.

Please refer to the attachments for Competition Brief, Registration details, submission guidelines and all other necessary documents relevant to the competition.

Download this file (01. DSCC_Streetscape_Competition Brief.pdf)01. DSCC_Streetscape_Competition Brief[01. DSCC_Streetscape_Competition Brief]3811 Kb
Download this file (02. DSCC_registration form.doc)02. DSCC_registration form[02. DSCC_registration form]1234 Kb
Download this file (03. DSCC_queries form.doc)03. DSCC_queries form[03. DSCC_queries form]1229 Kb
Download this file (04. DSCC_declaration form.doc)04. DSCC_declaration form[04. DSCC_declaration form]1243 Kb
Download this file (05. DSCC_envelope-for declaration.doc)05. DSCC_envelope-for declaration[05. DSCC_envelope-for declaration]26 Kb
Download this file (06. Base Map Mirpur Road.dwg)06. Base Map Mirpur Road[06. Base Map Mirpur Road]3119 Kb
Download this file (07. ELEVATION 01.tif)07. ELEVATION 01[07. ELEVATION 01]47657 Kb
Download this file (08. ELEVATION 02.tif)08. ELEVATION 02[08. ELEVATION 02]47321 Kb
Download this file (09. Base Line Survey.png)09. Base Line Survey[09. Base Line Survey]17734 Kb
Download this file (10. Ward_49.JPG)10. Ward_49[10. Ward_49]1488 Kb
Download this file (11. Ward_50.JPG)11. Ward_50[11. Ward_50]1348 Kb
Download this file (12. Ward_51_17.jpg)12. Ward_51_17[12. Ward_51_17]1119 Kb
Download this file (13. Ward_52.JPG)13. Ward_52[13. Ward_52]1019 Kb
Download this file (14. Draft Dhaka Structure Plan Report 2016-2035(Full  Volume).pdf)14. Draft Dhaka Structure Plan Report 2016-2035(Full Volume)[14. Draft Dhaka Structure Plan Report 2016-2035(Full Volume)]12163 Kb
Download this file (15. DFR_DTCA1.pdf)15. DFR_DTCA1[15. DFR_DTCA1]42206 Kb